֍ HealFusion E Series

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֍ HealFusion E Series

hedy oem syringe pump

Our syringe pump provides high-end features at an affordable price to provide the best value in the market. Syringe pump features include infusion and withdrawal, computer interface and advanced programming options.

Volume accuracy: ±5%; 

Flow compensation 

Bubble detection alarm: single bubble size: 30ul, 100ul, 300ul;

cumulated bubble size: 300ul/15min, 500ul/15min

Purge volume: 0.5ml, 1ml, 1.5ml, 2ml

infusion pump application

Syringe pump aims to promote a comprehensive solution for clinical applications

oem syringe pump accessories

Stacked track

Easy to stack pumps

Touch screen

Easy to operate paneland touch screen

Piston clamp

Convenient to load pumps

Scissor clamp

Anti-siphon free flow

Lock point

Lock all pumpstogether firmly


combined and disassembledeasily

Draw marquee

show the status of pumpclearly even far from thed istance

lnjection size


syringe pump Function

On-line titration. (change infusion rate without pause)

Fast start function to avoid drug dose delay.

Anti-bolus function to avoid adverse reaction caused by blood concentration.

KVO function.

5 levels alarm sound adjustable.

Multiple infusion modes.

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