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Mobile DR IVY-1000MD

Mobile DR IVY-1000MD

Let the diagnosis be unrestricted, and easily reach every corner of the hospital

Fitted with dual battery energy storage, power booster, independent high frequency generator and high heat capacity tube, as well as open FPD interface and the sternum bracket, HEDY mobile DR system is an all-round photography system which can meet demands of radiology department, inspection center and the bedside

Mobile DR IVY-1000MD

One button pushing, easy positioning

One button unlocking, loose lock, all-round and multi-angle positioning


Smart body design

Ultra-narrow body design, ultra-low column arm lock position, wide operating vision

Mobile DR IVY-1000MD

                   Sensitive anti-collision design


                   Flexible rotating telescopic arm

                          Unique cross arm design and a third-stage extendable arm horizontally

                          Two-stage extendable vertical column

                          270° rotation angle

Mobile DR

Large size color touch screen

Mobile DR

                   Move easily, Dual batteries

                         Power boost, new stress-sensor design

Mobile DR IVY-1000MD

Large controllable range of tube

Precise positioning control system

Unique dynamic balance system + damping technology

All-round and multi-angle positioning to meet the needs of clinical shooting in various complex postures.

Mobile DR


Bone removal technology (sternum suppression and thoracic extraction)

Digital Radiography System-Ceiling Suspension DR

                                             ● One-key deboning, get sternum suppression image and thoracic enhancement image at one time, average processing time per sheet <1s

                                             ● In anterior/posterior position, oblique/lateral position, all positions

                                             ● Improve diagnosis of lung nodules, tuberculosis and aggressive pulmonary aspergillosis

Mobile DR

Excellent configuration

l  High quality imaging chain

l  Unique power and exposure dual battery design

l  IMSCOPE image processing engine

l  Organizational equalization technique

l  Noise suppression technology

l  High dynamic range integrity

l  Adaptive optimization technique

l  Image and dose comparison optimization

HedyCloud Remote Consultation Function

It can seamlessly connect with RIS/HIS/PACS to form a closed loop of information traceability.

Mobile DR


Customer Example

Mobile DR

Introduction and Guidance to HEDY Mobile DR