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֍ HealFusion 3 Series

infusion pump and syringe pump

infusion pump

The infusion pump is generally called a volumetric pump. Its main purpose is to replace the traditional gravity infusion bottle to achieve more accurate and safer drug delivery.

Volume accuracy: ±5%; 

Flow compensation 

Bubble detection alarm: single bubble size: 30ul, 100ul, 300ul;

cumulated bubble size: 300ul/15min, 500ul/15min

Purge volume: 0.5ml, 1ml, 1.5ml, 2ml

Advantages of infusion pump

More capacity

Wider range of flow rates

Less liquid type restrictions

Consumables are cheaper

Lower drug concentration

Less irritating

Easier needle alarm and infusion temperature rise and other functions

Syringe pump

Syringe pump is also called micro-infusion pump. As can be seen from the name, the main purpose of syringe pump is to supplement the volumetric infusion pump in micro-administration. Because, when administered in small doses, the micro infusion pump (ie, syringe pump) is more accurate than the typical volumetric infusion pump.

Volume accuracy: ±2%; 

Injector size: 5/6ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50/60ml

Fast start function

Purge volume: 1ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml

Advantage of Syringe pump

Smaller volume dispensing accuracy is higher

More flexible dispensing capacity

Desktop placement is easier

Less flow pulsation

Use of infusion pump or syringe pump

1) Generally, the number of injection pumps used in cardiovascular and anesthesiology departments is more than that of infusion pumps.

(2) General infusion pumps for obstetrics and gynecologypediatrics/neonatologyemergency, intensive careoncology, and burns are more practical.

(3) Infusion pump, infusion, large amounts of body fluids, and electrolytes can only be administered through the infusion pump.

(4) The use of infusion pump supplies is easier to manage in general hospitals and general departments.

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