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Infusion Pump i7

Infusion Pump i7

Suitable for hospital-wide departments!

The HealFusion infusion pump I7 integrates touch screen technology to make the operation of the hedy infusion pump easier and faster. With modular design, the infusion pump and injection pump can be flexibly stacked and combined into a multi-channel infusion pump, so that department resources can be adjusted reasonably at any time, and the utilization rate can be improved.

Is an infusion pump the same as a syringe pump?

The infusion pump draws fluid from a standard IV bag and controls the flow rate. Syringe pumps are a different type of infusion delivery device. Instead of drawing fluid from an infusion bag, IV medication is drawn into a syringe and installed into the device.

Infusion Pump i7

Infusion Pump i7

Flexible and easy to use

Small size  ·  Light weight  ·  Modular design

Two pumps can be stacked on each other without tools to form a multi-channel infusion.

Small size, the same number of pumps occupies less space than similar products when stacked.

Light weight (less than 2kg), easy to carry.

Simple tray/handle design for quick assembly and disassembly.

Infusion Pump i7

Infusion Pump i7

Revolutionary touch screen design, easy to operate

3.5-inch large TFT color LCD touch screen + keyboard dual operations

● Common functions can be reached with one key. Online titration, pressure setting and online detection, one-key clearing of accumulated liquid volume, marking of drug names, etc.

Marquee observed within 5 meters.

Infusion Pump i7


● Abundant infusion modes: rate mode, R/T mode, V/T mode, weight mode, first dose mode, gradient mode, intermittent mode, sequence mode, relay mode, drop mode

● Day and night mode

● Wireless networking function

● Drug library

● Event records with time tags

● Work with Dock station for one-stop power supply and bedside infusion management

Infusion Pump i7


  • Using high-precision stepping motor and high machining transmission system

  • Infusion Accuracy is ±5%

  • Pipeline fatigue compensation to avoid the flow loss caused by collapse of pipeline 

Infusion Pump i7


● 11 level occlusion pressure detection

● Dynamic Pressure Surveillance (DPS) and Anti-bolus

● Double bubble detection with 5 levels detection

● IPX3 waterproof

● Dual CPU

● Anti-gravity free flow

● Using PBT new material

Online titration function

Infusion Pump i7