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CSCCM丨 Wisdom·Critical Care·Future

Mar. 10, 2021

On May 24, the 13th National Critical Care Medicine Conference of the Chinese Medical Association hosted by the Chinese Medical Association and the Critical Care Medicine Branch of the Chinese Medical Association and undertaken by the Guangdong Medical Association was held in Zhuhai, Guangdong. With the theme of "Integration and Innovation", more than 10,000 personnel related to critical care medicine at home and abroad gathered to talk freely and discuss the new development of critical care.



Professor Guan Xiangdong, chairman of the Critical Care Medical Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, gave a theme report entitled "40 Years of Critical Care Medical in China".


In this exhibition, HEDY Medical has brought the infusion information collection system HDIS 50, which integrates innovation, is ahead of the times, is more intelligent and safe, solves the problem of clinical infusion information "island", and realizes the collection, integration and management of information.


The infusion information collection system is interconnected with HIS/CIS to realize the automatic push of prescriptions, drug library, bedside infusion workstations, and infusion modules with one-click synchronization. HDIS50 breaks through the conventional recording method, and automatically generates the patient's medication record and input and output records. The electronic nursing record form realizes paperless handover. Also, this infusion system can automatically collect infusion data, urine output, count insignificant water loss, and centrally check the fluid balance of patients in each bed. Doctors can quickly grasp the infusion treatment status of each patient in the general department 


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"The operation is very simple. The features of remote monitoring and medical advice push have helped us a lot," the hospital director said.


Hedy Medical held an infusion technology exchange dinner at Zhuhai Taifu Yuyingxuan on the 25th. With the theme of "Wisdom·Critical Care·Future", together with the guests, they discussed the innovative era of critical care medical.


HEDY Sales director introduced in detail the features of remote monitoring, medication management, medical advice push and liquid balance of the infusion information collection system, which attracted the attention of the guests on site.


This unforgettable dinner ended in a lively and joyous atmosphere. HEDY not only gained the recognition and encouragement of our customers for our products and services, but also witnessed the spirit of exploring the critical care medical treatment.


Hedy Medical upholds the spirit of exploration, persists in integration and innovation, continues to move forward, and makes greater contributions to the development of critical care medical and intensive care therapy.