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What are the Evaluation Criteria for the Purchase of the DR System?

Jun. 28, 2021

As the current development trend of mainstream X-ray filming, DR has become one of the necessary "weapons" in the hospital radiology department. There are as many as forty or fifty DR manufacturers at home and abroad. The products are also mixed, with uneven quality and different levels. There are differences. So how can we use the DR products of the OEM Medical Device Factory to find a product that really suits the actual situation of our hospital?

Double Column DR System

Double Column DR System

1. Overall evaluation criteria

The true mission of DR is to change the flat film workflow and improve work efficiency under the premise of ensuring image quality; users' evaluation of equipment should also be based on this, considering the maintainability of the equipment, failure rate, price, overall cost and later stage Practical factors such as maintenance costs. Therefore, the purchase of DR requires a comprehensive overall evaluation, not to be confused by certain imported components or a single technical index or a certain term advertised by the manufacturer; it is necessary to comprehensively consider the company's production and R&D strength, image quality, work efficiency, and after-sales service.

1) The company's production and R&D strength

Even if a product uses the same hardware, the equipment produced by different manufacturers is completely different. Due to the particularity of medical equipment, it is determined that high-quality medical equipment is a guarantee for the hospital. It not only solves the clinical application of the hospital, but also creates economic benefits for the hospital. The importance of its diagnostic equipment is self-evident. The strength of production and R&D determines the stability of the product, and the stability of the product is very important to the hospital. When purchasing equipment from this, you should know whether it is a professional manufacturer of DR equipment, its R&D history, R&D team, standardization of the production workshop, time to market, the degree of autonomy of the whole machine, and whether it has mastered core technology instead of random assembly. Product launches must be tested by the market and continuously improved, but for users, if you spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to buy an immature product from an unprofessional company, should you buy it for use? Or buy it for repair? The risks are beyond doubt.

2) Image quality

High-quality and stable imaging quality is one of the original intentions of purchasing DR equipment, and it is also the physical basis for improving the level of diagnosis and treatment. It involves the signal-to-noise ratio, resolution, sharpness, contrast, and detail display of radiographic images. It is mainly determined by the detector technology, tube X-ray quality, post-processing functions, and the compatibility of various hardware and computer operating software.

3) Work efficiency

Reducing labor intensity and changing the work flow of general-purpose radio to improve efficiency is one of the most important functions of DR, and it is also an important reference basis for purchasing such equipment; it involves many aspects such as dynamic range, imaging speed, data transmission/processing speed, etc.; because it is omitted With many unnecessary work procedures, the normal output rate should be 2-3 times that of the traditional screen/glue system.

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