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Good news丨Hedy Medical is listed on the Top 50 Innovation List of Guangzhou Biomedical Enterprises (2019)

Jan. 05, 2021

A few days ago, Guangzhou Bioindustry Alliance and Guangzhou Daily Data and Digitization Research Institute (GDI Think Tank) jointly developed and released the“Guangzhou Biomedical Enterprise Innovation Top 50 List (2019)”, and held an award ceremony in Guangzhou.

Good news丨Hedy Medical is listed on the Top 50 Innovation List of Guangzhou Biomedical Enterprises (2019)

The Innovation Top50 (2019) scientifically evaluates the innovation capabilities of Guangzhou biomedical companies through five major indexes: patent index, academic index, quality growth index, industry-university-research index and influence index.

With its outstanding innovation ability, strong R&D strength, and excellent comprehensive strength in intellectual property rights and other aspects, Hedy Medical was listed on the Guangzhou Top 50 Biomedical Enterprise Innovation List (2019).

As one of the strategic emerging industries that Guangzhou focuses on developing, the biopharmaceutical industry is also the most likely to cultivate as a pillar industry. In recent years, Guangzhou has focused on the development of key industries such as biopharmaceuticals, modern Chinese medicine, medical devices, stem cells and regenerative medicine, in vitro diagnostics, precision medicine and other fields. High-tech applications have been extensive and industrial competitiveness has been continuously enhanced.

At present, Guangzhou's biomedical industry is gathering momentum, with Guangzhou Science City, Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City, and Guangzhou International Biological Island "two cities and one island" as the core, with industrial characteristics such as health care center, international health industry city, and international pharmaceutical port. With the coordinated development of the "three centers and multiple regions" biomedical industry pattern, Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone have become the "main battlefields" of Guangzhou's biomedical industry.

Guangzhou Hedy Medical Device Co., Ltd. was invested and established by Hedy Group. The company's main products include medical imaging, digital ultrasound, life information and support, medical information and other fields. The company is a "national high-tech enterprise", "national high-performance imaging diagnostic equipment industrialization base", and a standing director unit of China Medical Equipment Association. The company has won many honors such as "Guangdong Province Independent Innovation Enterprise", "Guangdong Province Contract-abiding and Credit-Reliable Enterprise", "Guangdong Province Medical Equipment Quality Credit Class A Enterprise", and has dozens of independent intellectual property rights.

In the context of the global anti-epidemic situation and the domestic post-epidemic situation, HEDY launched the concept of "bedside diagnosis + precision treatment" integrating three major production lines. Among them, the three essential features of the life support line are feasible, advanced and reliable to meet the needs of department infusion therapy and realize the expansion of functions such as fluid management.

The infusion information acquisition system HDIS50 adopts an improved design concept to effectively manage the bedside space. The combination is flexible, the expansion is convenient, and the utilization rate of department resources is improved. The operation is simple and convenient, especially the revolutionary touch screen control and reasonable UI interaction design, which greatly improves the efficiency of clinical work. The fluid balance management function can assist doctors in better continuous dynamic observation of the patient's fluid balance trend and provide a quick reference for clinical decision-making. It has the characteristics of simplicity, expansion, flexibility, substitution and intelligence.

Medical imaging has always been the focus of Hedy's innovation. The DRF-760 multifunctional digital radioscopy system displayed in the exhibition was recognized as the "sixth batch of outstanding domestic medical equipment" by the China Medical Equipment Association in September this year! This digital turbine adopts a revolutionary imaging method. A single detector can achieve high-quality dynamic and static image collection, and one device can complete all the tasks of ordinary DR and digital perfusion.

Hedy Medical focuses on assisted diagnosis, is close to the market, and keeps innovating. In the field of life support and imaging, we start from actual needs and listen to customers' opinions. Hedy Medical will be committed to integrity, professionalism, cooperation, innovation, and continuous hard work!

Good news丨Hedy Medical is listed on the Top 50 Innovation List of Guangzhou Biomedical Enterprises (2019)