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What are the Types of Infusion Pumps?

Aug. 30, 2021

Infusion pumps have always been the main product in the medical field. One of these pumps is often seen in clinical settings such as nursing homes, hospitals and even homes. These pumps are used in providing medications such as pain relievers, chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics, and insulin, among many others.

Today I presents to you the what is the IV infusion pumps and different types of them.

Infusion Pump IP-3

Infusion Pump IP-3

What is the Infusion Pumps?

The medical application of pumps is to deliver fluids, nutrients, and drugs into the patient's body in controlled amounts, large or small. And the infusion pumps are better than manual fluid administration pumps because they can deliver fluids at precise frequencies, volumes, and intervals.

Different Types of Infusion Pumps

Different types of IV Infusion Pumps Based on Mobility

Ambulatory Infusion Pumps

Ambulatory Infusion Pump

Ambulatory Infusion Pump

This one is the opposite of the stationery infusion pumps. Ambulatory infusion pumps are lightweight and mobile; it can be used in homes.

The infusion pumps often used in treating people with debilitating diseases, because they require medication throughout the day. Mobile and light infusion pumps can help these patients be transported while receiving medication. This kind of lightweight infusion pump solves the challenge of delivering medical infusions while on the go.

Stationary Infusion Pumps

These types of pumps are manufactured to be placed next to the patient's bed. Stationary infusion pumps don't need to be compact and light because they don't require movement. Many patients who use them often suffer from complex or chronic diseases. Bedridden patients with chronic conditions often need medication or dietary infusions. The stationary pumps provide bedside IV infusions for patients who require frequent bedside nutrition or medicine.

Different Types of IV Infusion Pumps Based on Fluid Volume Delivery

Large Volume Infusion Pumps

It is used to inject large amounts of liquid into the patient's body. This type of pump is usually used to provide nutrition to the patient. These pumps are manually or by a computer-controlled roller method to sequentially press the rubber tube to allow the medication to flow at different rates depending on the need of the patient.

Syringe Pumps or Small Volume Infusion Pumps

Syringe Pump SP-3

Syringe Pump SP-3

These are infusion pumps that deliver low medication volumes for medication required in small quantities, such as hormones. It controls the motor mechanism to push the medication through the syringe into the tube that is delivered to the patient. Many times these are used on babies and young children.

Different Types of IV Infusion Pumps Based on Functions

Traditional Infusion Pumps

Traditional infusion pumps can be used in medical environments, such as mobile, home, and long-term care environments. It’s a broader category for many different kinds of pumps. These medical devices can be used for many different kinds of drugs, such as painkillers, antibiotics, etc.

Specialty Infusion Pumps

Specialty infusion pumps are designed to fulfill the needs of exceptional medical cases. These are made to be used in home settings. They are usually used in home care services or treatment of special diseases (such as diabetes) Many of the pumps that fall into this category tend to be mobile. The Specialty infusion pumps category has three types of pumps, including implantable, enteral and insulin infusion pumps.

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