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What are the Characteristics of the Syringe Pump?

Aug. 11, 2021

Pulsation-free delivery: uniform motion throughout the entire process, smooth work without pulsation Wide range of operating speed: 10,000 times the wide operating speed range greatly increases the flexibility of the user, no need to clean: transport fluids of different characteristics only need to replace the syringe. Accurate flow: high control accuracy , When ≥30% of full stroke, control error ≤±0.5%.

Infusion Pump For Sale

Infusion Pump For Sale

1. There are more than 300 types of syringe pumps

2. The injection pump is divided into an electric injection pump and a propulsion injection pump

3. The electric injection pump is divided into single channel, dual-channel, and program-controlled ten channels, which can be selected according to your requirements

4. A variety of syringes are available, and the syringes can be automatically identified

5. The minimum flow rate can be set at 0.001 microliters/hour, the flow rate is 0.001 microliters/hour, the accuracy is ±0.5%, the repeatability is ±0.2%, and the operating speed of the electric syringe pump is 9.5*10mm/min

6. Programmable syringe pump can freely set the flow rate of 2 or 10 syringes, and different flow rates can be set separately

7. With voltage and current signal output, with RS232 interface, can be connected to printers and computers, and can be connected to time controllers

8. The syringe pump can choose to operate in both directions, which can either inject liquid in one direction or recycle the liquid to achieve mixing.

9. Pulse can be set to prevent too much impact on small animals during feeding and irrigation

10. Optional foot switch for easy operation

11. The push-type injection pump can be set to the number of advances (from 1 to 19,000 advances), and it can be operated in two directions. It can either inject liquid in one direction or recycle the injection to achieve mixing.

12. You can choose up to 4 simultaneous pushers (the injection needle connected to the pusher has more than 200 specifications, and the injection volume and distance of each syringe can be set freely. The minimum distribution amount is 0.0526 microliters per injection. The moving distance is 3.2 microns, the fastest speed can reach 700 injections per second, with RS232 signal output, can be connected to a foot switch and a computer)

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