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What is the Correct Operation Method of Mobile Dr?

May. 12, 2021

Recently, many customers have come to consult with mobile dr. As the hospital environment is becoming more and more complex, the demand for flexibility in radiology imaging has increased. Therefore, mobile dr is used for quick shooting in various departments required by the hospital. In the operation process, it needs to be simple and fast, but For those who are not familiar with it, mistakes will easily occur. How to do it correctly? X Ray Scanner Supplier summarizes the specific operation steps.

Mobile DR Medical Vehicles

Mobile DR Medical Vehicles

In the daily clinical use of mobile dr, the graphic quality and usability of mobile fast imaging are very important. Mobile dr can significantly improve workflow and performance. At the same time, mobile imaging provides dose management to obtain better radiological images with lower radiation doses.

1. Ensure that the environment where the bedside X-ray machine is located is as intact as possible to avoid damage to the X-ray caused by excessive moisture, excessive humidity, excessive acid and alkali.

2. When using the mobile dr, fully guarantee the standardization, uniformity, and institutionalization of the above operation process to avoid human factors causing the effect of the X-ray machine to be greatly compromised.

3. In the process of ground wire connection, the ground wire should be connected to the bottom wire net to ensure good grounding work.

4. For those who need to move the bedside X-ray machine, ensure that the bedside X-ray machine avoids excessive tilt and severe vibration during the movement, and fix the knobs and bulbs to prevent damage.

5. Strictly follow the use requirements of X-ray machine bulbs, and try to use low-current ordinary scanning to reduce the damage caused by X-rays to patients.

6. When performing exposure, the timing of exposure should be mastered, that is, when breathing is controlled and limbs are fixed, a better timing should be selected to ensure the effect of the film.

7. Check the bedside X-ray machine on a regular basis. For loosening, missing or other abnormalities of screws, maintenance should be carried out in time, and maintenance should be carried out regularly to keep the machine hygienic.

10. Before shooting, take protective measures to avoid harmful effects of radiation on the body during the shooting.

Given the dependence of the medical industry on mobile radiology technology, future radiology systems should continue to meet the actual needs of end-users, improve performance and efficiency in the workflow, and ensure the safety of clinicians and patients.

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