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What is the Cost Control of the DR System?

Jun. 17, 2021

As an OEM Medical Device Factory, share with you.

The DR system, that is, the direct digital X-ray photography system, is composed of an electronic cassette, a scanning controller, a system controller, an image monitor, etc. It directly converts X-ray photons into a digital image through the electronic cassette. Direct digital radiography. In the narrow sense, direct digital photography, namely DDR (DirectDigit Radiography), usually refers to digital radiography using the direct image conversion technology of flat-panel detectors, and is a true direct digital X-ray photography system. According to the detector type, it is mainly divided into amorphous silicon flat panel DR (mainstream), amorphous selenium flat panel DR and CCD DR (mainstream); according to the frame structure, it is divided into suspended DR and column (UC arm) DR;

OEM Medical Device Factory

OEM Medical Device Factory

Cost Control

Step 1: Understand the need for recovery

By establishing recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives for each application, although most data centers are swallowed by applications, only 5% of them are mission-critical. Although these applications only occupy a small portion of the total storage capacity of the data center, they all have extremely high requirements for performance.

Step 2: Predict the size of the DR storage system

Achieve the same or similar capacity and performance as the main system. The DR system must provide certain performance to these applications. The performance requirements of the DR system are also not necessarily consistent with the primary storage.

The third step: rely on virtualization

Even if the main data center is not fully virtualized, the DR site should be virtualized. Virtualization minimizes server costs and can also reduce capacity requirements by supporting data deduplication and compression. In addition, virtualization allows DR testing to be arbitrary. IT planners can create a virtual isolated test network to perform DR exercises on application copies without affecting production.

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