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What is Infusion Management System?

May. 31, 2021

As an Infusion Pump Manufacturer, share with you.

The infusion monitoring and management system is a set of infusion management platform integrating informatization, intelligence and digitization. On the basis of not changing the original infusion method, the system uses independent intellectual property rights, pioneering a brand-new infusion management mode, and realizes centralized monitoring, quantitative management and standardized services of infusion. It reduces the work intensity of medical staff and solves the anxiety and worries of patients during the infusion process. It is a revolution in infusion management and clinical nursing mode, and improves the information management level of modern hospitals.

Infusion Management Workstation

Infusion Management Workstation

The patient or family members always look at the infusion bottle during the infusion. The patient wants to sleep but dare not sleep, and the family members want to walk and cannot walk away. The fonts printed on the plastic packaging cannot be seen clearly by the elderly and people with bad eyes, which brings great trouble and mental burden to the patients and their families. In response to this situation, an infusion monitoring and management system has been developed to replace patient monitoring, allowing patients to rest at ease, which greatly eases the patient's tension during infusion, and patients no longer have to worry about the embarrassment of having to accompany the bed due to insufficient medical staff.

The infusion monitoring and management system adopts the principle of automatic weight deduction and applies modern Internet of Things technology. It has the advantages of system integration, high precision, stability and reliability, flexible networking, multiple early warnings, unified distribution and management, etc. The nurses monitor the entire system in the monitoring room. The detailed infusion information of all wards in the ward is clear at a glance, which provides a great guarantee for patients to provide timely and effective care and the intelligent, networked, and standardized management of the hospital.

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