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Why do arcomed infusion pumps save time?

Dec. 20, 2021

When we talk about cutting-edge medical technology, we often think of complex devices that are difficult to use and require a lot of time for staff to adapt and learn to use. With arcomed infusion pumps, we worked with clinical professionals to achieve the seemingly impossible: a device with state-of-the-art technology that is simple and intuitive to use.


Time is gold for hospitals

Indeed, time is a key factor, whether in caring for patients in critical or severe condition, every second counts, from a financial point of view: human resources are limited, so the longer it takes for a person to become familiar with a device and learn how to use it, the more time we take out of their availability to care for patients.

The problem that many hospitals have is that there are differences in infusion pump technology, manufacturers and models on each hospital unit. We found that each department had its "own" pump, configured to its specific needs, which meant that if patients were going to different departments (emergency, surgery, resuscitation, ICU, etc.) frequently, they would have to be disconnected and reconnected to a different pump. This means wasted time and higher costs for expendable materials.

In addition, the staff responsible for using the pumps may be familiar with some models but not others, making it difficult to move between departments when needed, as they will have to learn how to use a pump model that is completely different from the one they are used to using.


infusion pump

Arc infusion pumps: all-in-one = time savings

When arcomed infusion pumps were designed with careful consideration in mind. We knew the market would not be able to meet the demand for standardization, which meant huge technical and design challenges. We succeeded. With just two pump models (volumetric and syringe), the arcomed infusion pump can meet the needs of any hospital department, from the simplest to the most advanced: pharmacokinetic models, TCI, total intravenous anesthesia (TIVA), PIEB epidural, patient-controlled analgesia (PCA), relay mode, pill anesthesia, drug library, drug color recognition, wireless communication between pumps, connection to hospital PDMS system connectivity, etc.

This means significant time savings, in addition to savings in maintenance costs, consumables and economies of scale.

✺The arcomed infusion pump has a quick start infusion system.

✺The different settings can be navigated using the icons on the touch screen, just like on a cell phone or tablet. Gone is the cumbersome system of having to search different menus to get to the right options. Just touch and go.

✺The same pump can accompany patients from different hospital departments and can be reset by simply touching the corresponding icon.

✺Wireless communication between pumps avoids having to enter the patient's data in each pump, for example, when they are used in TCI mode during surgery.

✺The user interface in all arcomed infusion pumps is the same regardless of where they are used. This means that staff do not have to learn how to use different pump models and manufacturers.


All of this means saving the hospital's most valuable resource: time. arcomed infusion pumps are at the forefront of infusion technology. We can provide hospitals with the technology of the future made today.