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Hedy Medical Device Co., Ltd

Infusion Therapy and Life Support R&D Team

Our engineers are senior experts with decades of experience. HEDY’s R&D team infusion therapy field is the top industry benchmark in China. We adapt the most advanced design concepts and the most reliable hardware innovations. Starting from the actual problems and demands of clinical customers, every detail is carefully considered and repeatedly confirmed to ensure the convenience and reliability of use. Whether from ICU, NICU, CCU or general wards, our infusion pumps, syringe pumps and infusion management system can meet different requirements.

Hedy Medical Device Co., Ltd

Medical Imaging R&D Team

Our team for developing digital radiography, digital mammography and color ultrasound is the most competitive engineer' s alliance. Based on the application scenarios and standards of different customers, we have developed more than 20 different types of medical imaging devices, which have also been selected as China's outstanding domestic equipment representatives. Therefore, we can provide ceiling-suspension DR, mammography, smart double column DR, mobile DR and dynamic fluoroscopy DFR as well as 4D ultrasound for big medical centers. Also, we can meet demands from small clinics and hospitals for our portable DR, UC arm DR and U arm DR.

Hedy Medical Device Co., Ltd

Post-Sales Maintenance and Installation Team

Continuous service after purchase is essential for products such as medical equipment and information systems operated. HEDY is always willing to hear the customer experience and the voice of HEDY products and services. Through long-term relationships with customers, we will continuously improve customers’ praise and trust, and strive to create relationships that allow old customers to recommend new customers.

In this case, Hedy Medical offers an integrated service solution to our clients worldwide. With comprehensive communication with clients, our service team solve maintenance and installation problems timely by working with distributors and agents together. We have more than 30 specialists to offer technical support, including

Remote Service, One-Line Instant Service and On-Site Field Service