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Technical Support

Hedy Medical provides comprehensive service solutions to our customers timely and efficiently through the following ways.

Hedy Medical Device Co., Ltd

Remote Service:

Our sales managers together with engineers provide all necessary technical guidance by documents instruction, video review and mail-in service.

Hedy Medical Device Co., Ltd

One-Line Instant Service:

With global customer service center, we can support all problems and questions inquiry from different countries and regions timely. Just email to us at or contact with our regional sales managers. Our specialist will deal with your issues without any delay.

Hedy Medical Device Co., Ltd

On-Site Field Service:

If you need to solve your problems urgently and our remote or online service does not work so responsively and smoothly. Hedy Medical would come to our clients' regions and meet them face to face to solve their problems. And it includes installation guide, preventive maintenance, calibration, breakdown repair, training courses and other field services on request.

Spare Parts & Upgradation

Hedy Medical Device Co., Ltd

Hedy Medical owns inventory of key spare parts for all products. In a short time, we can deliver them to clients in a simple and quick way, thereby minimizing your losses. At the same time, Hedy Medical also recommends our clients to purchase more of our original spare parts in advance, so that you can reduce unavoidable delays due to delivery time.

Also, Hedy Medical provides various upgrade solutions as value-added services to meet customer requirements for functions, applications or performance. For example, Hedy Medical retains the interface of the infusion management system upgrade for you. If you want to upgrade the previous syringe pump S7 and infusion pump I7 to an intelligent infusion management system after a few years of purchase, we will provide you with other required accessories soon, and you can upgrade by simple installation. Besides, we provide customers with overall plans and customized solutions for hospital departments and large imaging centers.

Big Project Solution

Hedy Medical Device Co., Ltd

Flexible solutions adapt to urgent big projects

Hedy Medical adheres to the customer-centric service concept, and implements the best plan for each project. We especially have flexible and reliable adaptation solutions for big project and urgent project. For example, when an epidemic outbreak occurs, we maximize the resources of HEDY Group and our suppliers to meet requirements from government or Ministry of Health emergency and special big projects. One project, one solution, this is the principle of us for special project supply. We do our best to coordinate various issues and professional management tools, including big project delivery time, product details, multiple product collections and other special configurations. We guarantee project success from planning, implementation, monitoring to closing.