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Antigen Rapid Test-Colloidal Gold

Antigen Rapid Test-Colloidal Gold

Instant results within 15 min, Easy to use

  • This rapid antigen test kit for is reliable and easy to use at home. 

  • Just 6 steps, and you will know the result. 

  • Affordable for your business, organization and family

  • Let HEDY be your reliable testing partner.

Point of Care Test  |  Few Steps  |  15 Min

Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test-Colloidal Gold

                                                                                                                         ※ Instant results within 15 minutes

                                                                                                           ※ Easy to use, no equipment required

                                                                                                           ※ Room temperature storage (2-30℃)

                                                                                                           ※ Non-invasive sampling

                                                                                                           ※ Cost-effective solution for large-scale testing

                                                                                                           ※ CE marked

For organization and company: 

You will know whether your staff is carrying virus. Just take fews steps, thus give all of your staff peace of mind and contain accordingly.

For family: 

Taking just 15 minutes to give results, it' s the best option for testing that you can possibly keep your family safer!

When you receive it, you will have...


Easy to use

Do the following steps, you will know the result directly.


Guidance for using test kit